Organic Farming is a way of farming that uses natural methods to produce food. These natural methods include crop rotation, green manure, composting and the use of biological pest control. Inorganic fertilizers and pesticides are not used and animals are not pumped full in antibiotics and steroids to make them grow. Organic Farming is a regulated industry and farmers must comply with the standards set out by accredited bodies in order for their products to carry the organic label. Customers are increasingly turning to organic farming because they feel as if it is a healthier option for themselves and their families. Consequently the organic farming industry is seeing tremendous growth, not only in North America but across the world.


The purpose of this subject guide is to introduce the reader to the topic of organic farming and suggest to them how they might be able to do their own organic farming at their homes or within their communities. The resources selected provide background information on the benefits of organic farming and practical help in implementing organic farming in their own life, regardless of whether they live in an urban or rural environment

Group Members

Yousef Alghanimi
From Jeddah
Business management, first semester

Sections:Database Guide, Other information Sources

2nd person:
Hattan Benyousef, from Sauid Arabia,
Bachelor of Business administration
major management

Sections: Scholarly articles, Books About, Background Information




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