Try these books for an introduction to organic Farming

Lockeretz, W. (2007). Organic Farming: An International History. Oxfordshire: CAB International.  Click here for Free Preview

history of organic farming

Fossel, P. (2007). Organic Farming: Everything You Need to Know. St.Paul MN: Voyageur Press. Click here for Free Preview


 This book, written by Peter Fossel, tells the reader everything they need to know about starting their own organic farm. The purpose of our resource is to show readers the benefit of organic farming and how they can get started with organic farming in their own environment so books like this one are crucial. The resources are a guide to share the experience that Fossel has had in starting his own organic farm. Since he has gone through the experience himself, it can be said that he does have the credibility to share how to advice. One of the good things about this book is that provides lots of secondary resources for the user to go to get extra information. This serves to both help the reader and to provide a way of verifying the information in the book. Overall the book as proven to be very successful on amazon and it is very well reviewed. Those who have purchased the book say that it is accurate and helpful. The book was written in 2007, so it is about 5 years old. This is not the cutting edge but it is recent enough to know that the methods will not have change too much. Considering that the practice of organic farming is actually thousands of years old, 5 years is not that much of a difference. The book is not long, only 170 pages and it is organized into very easy to navigate sections. It gives information on soil, the kinds of seeds to get and organic livestock. Overall it is very well arranged and easy to navigate for someone who is just starting out with organic farming.

Databases for books

Google Books: Click here for Link

The Google books search engine is project that was developed by Google who aims to catalog every book in existence.  The books are image scans rather PDFs.  The search engine is Google powers using the same set of powerful algorithms that the other Google search engines use. The amount of the book that you cans see when you click on the link will depend on the kinds of permissions that is has. Books are that out of copyright or if the publisher has given Google permission will have a preview option. For some books the full text is available. There are also options and links to purchase or borrow the book. Recently Google has added the option to purchase the book from the Google Play Store

World Cat: Click here for link

World cat is the largest network of library content and services in the world. It is linked to the University platform and it possible to search the university network of books directly through the World Cat Databases. This search engine will show all of the books that are in the university and Novanet networks as well as in other Atlantic Canadian libraries. In essence the World cat database is an index for the world’s libraries. In addition to books there are many other types of content including CDs, DVDs scholarly journals and periodicals. There is the option to get help from a librarian on the Worldcat database directly and it is also possible to add data to the library.


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