Database Help Guide

Searching Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier is a multipurpose database with journals from many subjects. It is one of the largest databases available on Moodle. Because of the multidisciplinary approach and the size, Academic Search Premier is one of the most relied upon databases for searching for all kinds of papers and research.

In order to access Academic Search Premier, first go to the Library Database Portal and select Databases A-Z.


Academic Search Premier is the first choice in the alphabetical list of options. Select it and go to the database.


There is a main search bar. This is the important tool bar for now. Ignore the options below this toolbar for now.


Academic Search Premier lets you select what kind of information your search term is to give you more precise results. It can be text, author subject or any other item on the list.


Academic Search Premier supports Boolean searching. Boolean search terms are based on the mathematical idea of vectors. Essentially if you search for A AND B the database will return only those entries that have both pieces of information. If you search A OR B, the database will return entries that have either A or B. If you search A NOT B, the database will  only return entries that have A in them, all entries that contain A and B will be eliminated.

For more information here is a detailed tutorial link


Once you have entered your search term, here we have entered organic farming and benefits; the side panel of Academic search premier provides many opportunities to refine your search results.  You can look for entries that only have full text, rather than just abstracts or citations. This is very useful if you need to write a paper. There is also the option to select only peer reviewed sources. It is a good policy to always check this option unless you are doing just a preliminary search. The other side bar options allow you to narrow down your search based on the subject, the publication type, the geographic location that the paper covers such as the United States, Canada or an international location.


Academic search premier also provides citations for its papers which can be very helpful. Just click on the cite link in order to get the citation.


Thank you for reading our database guide.


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